Soul Virgins Republished

Soul Virgins coverAfter being out of print for a few years, Sexual Wholeness Resources has reprinted Dr. Rosenau and MT Wilson's Soul Virgins book this summer. While it sports a new cover commissioned by Sexual Wholeness Resources, and a slightly new interior design, the content of the book is identical to the 2006 printing by Baker Books.  Unable to obtain rights to reproduce the original cover, Sexual Wholeness Resources commissioned a new cover design similar to the 2006 printing but more updated. Initial reaction to the new cover has been positive. A couple of the internal pictures were also redrawn though "The Bridge" remains the same.

Until last month, new copies of Soul Virgins were retailing for $100.00-$180.00 and used copies started at $80.00 each depending on the online store. This made it difficult for students and professors wanting to use it for a class. For a couple years, Dr. Rosenau had many cases of the 2006 edition he could sell to schools and students. With the rapidly decreasing supply (there are only about a dozen copies left), it was time to do something else. "We have been discussing publishing books under a Sexual Wholeness Resources imprint for several years," said Michael Sytsma (Executive Director of Sexual Wholeness, Inc.). "I can't think of a better book to have as a first for us to publish. It teaches a solid theology of sex that can be applied across the lifespan."

The book came out first as a Kindle eBook in June followed by the 6 x 9 paperback on a Sexual Wholeness Resources eStore. This week it appeared on Over the next couple weeks, it will become available at Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, Alibris, and other online stores. Sometime in September it will become availble for brick & morter stores to order. In late September, it should become available as a Nook eBook also.

We would invite those who have read Soul Virgins to go to their favorite online retailer and provide a review of the book. These reviews help the book to show up in searches and also give the chance for Sexual Wholeness Resources to earn advertising credit. Use this link to view the book on to write a review.

Looking to purchase a copy? Please encourage firends to purchase the book through the Sexual Wholeness Resources online store. This provides the highest royalty back to Sexual Wholeness Resources.

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