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Monday, 08 February 2016 01:21

2015 AACC World Conference - ISW Does Team!

Angela Taylor-Landry, Dr. Doug & Mary Margaret Estess Angela Taylor-Landry, Dr. Doug & Mary Margaret Estess



If you had to describe Sexual Wholeness and ISW with only one word, what would it be? Team! Family! This Fall at the AACC World Conference, I greeted and hugged 40 of our ISW team. I was again reminded that we love and enjoy each other in a unique way. In Nashville someone remarked to Michael Sytsma that the Sexuality track was the only track in which team members came to support every presentation. I had someone come purposely by the booth and tell me with enthusiasm: “Your team is so full of humility and they have servants’ hearts.” Countless times people commented on how well SW team members co-presented. One person stated: “You really like each other and have fun presenting together.” The picture on this article is Mary Margaret Johnson, Angie Landry, and me after our presentation on “The Sexually Assertive Wife: Coaching Husbands into Mutual Lovemaking.” We kidded and talked over each other, had a lot of fun, and the audience loved our team approach. After our dinner on Friday night, attended by 25 students, professors, presenters, and spouses, I left feeling so blessed to be a part of such a remarkable team. I have not laughed like that in a long time. One member shared that her husband asks her when she comes to an ISW class: “So you’re going to spend time with ‘Your People?’ “ We are working on new classes and CE events so we can learn together and have reunions. We already have reserved a Booth for the 2017 World Conference and are planning on a Friday dessert so we can congregate. Thanks for being such talented, humble, inspiring team members. We are family; I love you for being “My People!”


Doug, Executive Director