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Tuesday, 07 August 2012 21:32

The Exciting Launch of CASE courses

With great anticipation, the unique new organization CASE (The Christian Association of Sexual Educators) rolled out two new courses this July at Dallas Theological Seminary---and included the already launched, Dance of the Sexes. What a success as we saw God’s fingerprints all over this project---beginning with creating engaging workbooks, the professional production of three different teaching videos and ending with an enthusiastic group of future sex educators soaking up this sexual education. How neat to hear comments like, “I have never thought of sex in this way before.” “Bringing God and sex together is scary and amazing.”

For years Sexual Wholeness has problem-solved how to get God's transforming truths about sexuality into the cultivation of sexual healthy churches. In CASE we are developing a model of one and two day training workshops (Boot Camps)---designed to both equip church educators with course content and train them to facilitate the course information effectively in their communities. Each CASE course will be video-based (experts in a given area) in the teaching but the application will be done by the educator in his or her church through workbooks in small groups with thought and heart-provoking discussion questions.

Doug Rosenau with his teaching teams (so much more effective than a single teacher) developed these first three courses and videos: Dance of the Sexes (based on Soul Virgins and developing that singles are whole sexually), Covenant Lovers (With Dr. Debbie Neel and A Celebration of Sex helping all marriages have an intimate sex life), and Heroes & Warriors (challenging men to become those heroes that exhibit sexual integrity and influence). Each of these courses will be offered in Boot Camps around the country over the coming years and listed under CASE on the Sexual Wholeness website.

The Christian Association of Sexual Educators certifies those who attend a specific workshop to become an Educator of that course material. The teaching videos are not for sale but must be earned by attending a training Boot Camp as we maintain the integrity and competence of those teaching sexuality in the Church. In time there will be a CSE certification (Certified Sexual Educator) that will probably demand over 100 hours of training workshops. We think that most will be certified in those one or two courses that support the passion of their ministry.

Already several ISW students and some ABCST certified sex therapists have taken the CASE training. They have found the material familiar but the formatting with videos and workbooks powerful as they add another tool to their repertoire for cultivating sexually healthy churches. How fun to see God working through this new “growth and prevention” model to unveil His truth about sexuality.