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Sunday, 22 April 2012 00:13

Sexual Wholeness Team Teaches at AACC Marriage America Conference

We are proud of our team's role in the recent AACC Marriage America Conference in Orlando, FL (April 2012). Several of our faculty and grads led workshops. Each of the speakers highlighted below are ABCST Certified Sex Therapists with the exception of Dr. Mark & Debra Laaser (who is an ISW faculty member). Kenyon Knapp, ISW student, also co-presented on sexual abuse. We encourage ABCST Members and ISW grads to submit proposals to professional conferences and be a missionary for sexual wholeness.

Penners_AACC2012Dr Cliff & Joyce Penner led a pre-conference workshop on "Low Sex/No Sex Marriages: Renewing the Passion of Intimacy" and opened the Healthy Sexuality track with a workshop on "Getting Your Sex Life Off to a Great Start: Facilitating the Transfer of Premarital Passion Into Marriage"

Summary: The Penners are convinced that most couples eagerly anticipate sexual fulfillment in marriage. Yet because of myths, lack of knowledge about themselves and each other, lack of accurate information, inability to talk openly about sex and their expectations, inadequate preparation and past hurts they might bring into marriage, couples may start their marriage with sexual disappointments that sometimes affect the marriage for years. This workshop will give counselors, mentors and leaders the tools to help these eager couples get their married sex lives off to a great start – a vital gift to every marriage!

Dr. Mark & Debra Laaser led a workshop on "Counseling the Spouse of a Sex Addict"

Summary: This workshop will outline the treatment needs of a spouse of a sex addict. The presenters, themselves, are a recovering couple and their own personal story will form the foundation of this presentation. The process of recovery will be outlined and controversial issues, such as full disclosure, will be discussed. Case studies will be used throughout. Finally, research on how a spouse can spiritually and emotionally grow as a result of the pain and trauma of infidelity will be presented.


Drs. Rosenau & Sytsma lead a workshop on "The Disciplines of Intimacy: Six Keys to Passionate Lovemaking in Marriage".

Summary: Every marriage desires intimate and exciting lovemaking. God has given His children disciplines, skills and attitudes they can practice, which can help them build a more intimate love life with each other and their Savior. In a fascinating way, these disciplines are the basis of a more passionate sex life in marriage. This workshop will develop the concept of discipline and explore six crucial concepts including, sacredly committed, gracefully forgiving, emotionally passionate and mindfully present.

Debby Wade and David Janvier lead a workshop on "Sex Talks: Helping Parents Develop Sexually Healthy Kids".

Summary: When it comes to sex, a onetime talk prior to puberty is insufficient and can be too late. Damaging illicit sexualized messages are bombarding our kids. Many parents feel ill-equipped or inadequate to teach their kids about sex. This workshop will lay the foundation of healthy sexual development, explore the impact of sex on the brain and will offer practical take-away tips and tools for each developmental stage with-in a God-honoring, Biblical context

Drs. Sue Townsend and Katherine Wilson Blackney lead a workshop on "'But We’re Just Friends': Avoiding Emotional Affairs in a Technology Driven Culture"

Summary: Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. A plethora of social media sites have become popular over the past few years. One apparent trend is the ease that individuals have in rekindling friendships and making new friends using social media. There has been an increase in the number of couples presenting for help when one of them has developed an affair with an online friend. This session discusses the impact of social media and electronic communication on the development of affairs and offers concrete suggestions for clinicians who work with these couples.

ChilderstonDr. James & Carolyn Childerston led a worskhop on "Who’s the “Hormone Hostage?”: Maturing Your Intimacy through Menopause and Beyond"

Summary: Millions of baby boomer couples are either now or soon will be in the journey through the menopausal years. In order for marriages to thrive, therapists will need to provide tools that will enhance spousal understanding and sensitivity during this time. This workshop will guide couples as they navigate the hormonal milieu and provide principles that may enable them to partner together, strengthen their marital bond, and deepen their intimacy through this often challenging time


sytsma_aacc2012Dr. Michael Sytsma lead a workshop called "'Do You Wanna Make Love?' The Art of Sexual Initiation"

Summary: Helping married couples enhance and problem solve sexual initiation can be an important part of sexual counseling and enrichment. Using current research and theory on initiating sexual activity, participants will explore various ways to initiate sexual activity, decline initiations, accept declines, and increase trust and security in the marriage by improving how sexual initiation is handled in the marriage