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Sunday, 06 November 2011 15:21

Dr Cliff & Joyce Penner teach the Advanced Sex Therapy course

Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner taught the latest Advanced Sex Therapy course this past fall (2011).

"With every course I have learned information, skills, and protocols that I could immediately use the next week with clients. This course gave me confidence that I can put it all together and do more with more difficult cases," reported one student.

This class is in many ways the crown jewel of the ISW program. After reviewing the treatment protocol for dysfunctions, students present cases they are working on with that dysfunction. Dr. Cliff & Joyce then guide the class through how to conceptualize and approach treatment for the cases.

In addition to the great information and learning from the Penners, students also received 8 hours of group supervision in sex therapy toward their certification as sex therapists.

This great course is currently scheduled for November of 2013. The prerequisites include the ISW Intro course (6512) and the Sexual Dysfunctions course (7532 - taught every summer).