Dr. Gary Barnes
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Gary Barnes has agreed to join the Sexual Wholeness Board of Directors after being recommended at the annual meeting in June. Dr. Barnes is a Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has been teaching ISW Intro courses there. He has also been working closely with Dr. Rosenau in the development of CASE curriculum.


The addition of Dr. Barnes and Dr. Jim Childerston, (who joined the Board of Directors last year) provides critical input, guidance, and support as Sexual Wholeness continues to develop. While this provides a strong board of five individuals committed to the vision of Sexual Wholeness, we invite you to pray as we consider adding additional board members in the future.


It's been over 14 years since Douglas Rosenau, Michael Sytsma, Debra Taylor, and Christopher McCluskey founded Sexual Wholeness, Inc. Since then, a lot has been accomplished! Our team continues to grow as the ministry expands. This is very impressive when you remember Sexual Wholeness, Inc. is almost exclusively volunteer-run.

As the day-to-day responsibilities increase, however, it's time for another change. After several years managing the daily tasks of the ministry in the role of Executive Director, Dr. Michael Sytsma resigned from the position during this year's annual meeting of the Board of Directors. Dr. Sytsma will continue to serve in a limited role on the Board of Directors as well as serve as professor in ISW, but his role as the "go to person" for Sexual Wholeness will be shifting. The Board of Directors approved the hiring of an Administrative Assistant for Sexual Wholeness that will work with Dr. Rosenau in running the day to day aspects of ISW, ABCST, and Sexual Wholeness. (See related article here.)

In the fall of 2013, the Institute for Sexual Wholeness went back to London, England for the fourth time. This time to teach an intermediate course to those who have previously taken the intro course there. In addition to a quick review, this course covered assessment from 6522 and all the dysfunction protocols from 7532. Sponsored by YWAM's Earl's Court Community Project, the class was organized by Richard & Michelle Lahey-James and held in the beautiful St. Barnabas Church in Kensington.

Several from the Sexual Wholeness Team presented during the 2013 AACC World Conference in Nashville, TN. We are proud of our team and the influence they have as they continue the mission of "Unveiling God's Truth about Sexuality".

With great anticipation, the unique new organization CASE (The Christian Association of Sexual Educators) rolled out two new courses this July at Dallas Theological Seminary---and included the already launched, Dance of the Sexes. What a success as we saw God’s fingerprints all over this project---beginning with creating engaging workbooks, the professional production of three different teaching videos and ending with an enthusiastic group of future sex educators soaking up this sexual education. How neat to hear comments like, “I have never thought of sex in this way before.” “Bringing God and sex together is scary and amazing.”

After a couple years out of print, Sexual Wholeness Resources has reprinted Dr. Rosenau and MT Wilson's Soul Virginsbook this summer. While it sports a new cover commissioned by Sexual Wholeness Resources and a slightly new interior design, the content of the book is identical to the 2006 printing by Baker Books.  Unable to obtain rights to reproduce the original cover, Sexual Wholeness Resources commissioned a new cover design similar to the 2006 printing but more updated. Initial reaction to the new title has been positive. A couple of the internal pictures were also redrawn though the bridge remains the same.

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If you've looked recently, used copies of Soul Virgins start at $80.00 per copy on Barnes & Noble. New copies cost between $100.00 and $200.00 per copy. While it is pretty cool for Dr. Rosenau's bragging rights, it's not helpful in getting the word out.

To help make the information in Soul Virgins more available, we have launched Sexual Wholeness Resources, a publishing component of Sexual Wholeness, Inc. and published our first book - Soul Virgins.

While the new printing has a different cover, the content is identical to the 2006 edition printed by Baker Books. Baker took the book out of print several years ago. Dr. Rosenau bought the publishing rights back from Baker Books and asked Sexual Wholeness Resources to publish the book this summer.

Initially, the Sexual Wholeness Resources edition of Soul Virgins has been published exclusively in the Kindle format. Kindle versions can be read through a web browser or through readers available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows 7 (phones/tablets), and Blackberry (see all options here). After 90 days on Kindle, Soul Virgins will be released on iBook, Nook, and other ebook formats.

We are proud of our team's role in the recent AACC Marriage America Conference in Orlando, FL (April 2012). Several of our faculty and grads led workshops. Each of the speakers highlighted below are ABCST Certified Sex Therapists with the exception of Dr. Mark & Debra Laaser (who is an ISW faculty member). Kenyon Knapp, ISW student, also co-presented on sexual abuse. We encourage ABCST Members and ISW grads to submit proposals to professional conferences and be a missionary for sexual wholeness.

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The Laaser Center for the Family - Eden Prarie, MN

Sex Therapist Needed

Dr. Mark Laaser, one of the ISW faculty members, is looking for one to two sex therapists to join his practice in Minnesota. While the positions hired would be for sex therapy, therapists would need to wish to work with all areas of sexual addiction as well. "At this point, I haven't settled on whether I prefer someone who is already licensed, or someone who is pursuing licensure," said Dr. Laaser. He did stipulate that they needed to have completed ISW training to be considered. Therapists would join Dr. Mark and Debbie Laaser's practice and work to build a case load.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a printed letter of interest and vita to Dr. Laaser at:

The Laaser Center for the Family
15798 Venture Lane
Eden Prairie, MN  55344