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9:00 am 11.07.2014 - 4:00 pm 11.09.2014
Homosexuality and Sexual Identity Advanced Course

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Course Schedule

The Institute for Sexual Wholeness works to offer courses on a fairly predictable schedule to assist students in planning. Students beginning in the fall or spring are able to complete the whole program in the spring of the following year if they plan carefully. Other students choose to take more time in completing the program.

Intro class (6512) is offered every spring and fall.

Basic Issues (6522) is offered in the spring of even years

Medical Issues, Trauma and Abuse (7542) is offered in the spring of odd years.

Sexual Dysfunctions (7532) is offered every summer.

Advanced Classes are offered in the Summer and Fall

Advanced Sexual Addictions is summer of odd years

Advanced Sex Therapy is fall of odd years

Sexual Trauma and Abuse is summer of even years

Homosexuality and Sexual Identity is fall of even years


Spring Summer Fall
Odd Years

Human Sexuality

• Medical Issues, Trauma & Abuse (7542)

• Sexual Dysfunctions 

• Advanced Sexual Addictions (7582)

Human Sexuality

• Advanced Sex Therapy (7552)

Even Years

Human Sexuality

Basic Issues

• Sexual Dysfunctions 

• Trauma and Abuse 

Human Sexuality

• Homosexuality and
Sexual Identity (7592)