Tuesday, 05 August 2014 00:05

Growing Pains in SW Leadership

It's been over 14 years since Douglas Rosenau, Michael Sytsma, Debra Taylor, and Christopher McCluskey founded Sexual Wholeness, Inc. Since then, a lot has been accomplished! Our team continues to grow as the ministry expands. This is very impressive when you remember Sexual Wholeness, Inc. is almost exclusively volunteer-run.

As the day-to-day responsibilities increase, however, it's time for another change. After several years managing the daily tasks of the ministry in the role of Executive Director, Dr. Michael Sytsma resigned from the position during this year's annual meeting of the Board of Directors. Dr. Sytsma will continue to serve in a limited role on the Board of Directors as well as serve as professor in ISW, but his role as the "go to person" for Sexual Wholeness will be shifting. The Board of Directors approved the hiring of an Administrative Assistant for Sexual Wholeness that will work with Dr. Rosenau in running the day to day aspects of ISW, ABCST, and Sexual Wholeness. (See related article here.)

"It was well past the point where I could effectively manage the tasks of two growing ministries," Dr. Sytsma said. "For the good of Sexual Wholeness and the ministry that pays my salary (Building Intimate Marriages, Inc.), I needed to let go of my most demanding roles with Sexual Wholeness. I believe it is past time to find someone to manage Sexual Wholeness who isn't split focused."

We invite you to join us in thanking Dr. Sytsma for the years of work he has put in to the daily guidance of Sexual Wholeness, Inc. He has helped grow Sexual Wholeness in ways that only he could have done. Even if it's in a more limited fashion, we are glad he's still a part of the team.

"We will need to join together as we enter a new era for Sexual Wholeness," said Dr. Rosenau. He encouraged each individual reading this to think through how God wants to use them in supporting the vision: teaching classes, giving financially, writing articles, doing research, or any of the many other supportive roles. "I am so thankful for Dr. Sytsma and I am so grateful that Sexual Wholeness is a Team," added Dr. Rosenau.

Dr. Rosenau also asked that we "pray that God will guide us and bring His person to be our Administrator. Pray for fund-raising as ISW and CASE continue to grow and as we contract out needed tasks like the management of the website."

What an exciting faith adventure God has called us to as a part of the Sexual Wholeness team.