Monday, 16 September 2013 00:42

Sexual Wholeness team teaches at the 2013 AACC World Conference

Several from the Sexual Wholeness Team presented during the 2013 AACC World Conference in Nashville, TN. We are proud of our team and the influence they have as they continue the mission of "Unveiling God's Truth about Sexuality".

Several thousand attended the conference and the workshops our team presented in were very well attended. The pre-conference trainings and track workshops are listed below. We also were excited to see many of our graduates and ABCST members. For pictures and conversation, check out our Facebook Page.

Sexual Identity and the Christian Counselor: Navigating Clinical, Cultural and Professional/Ethical Developments

- Dr. Mark Yarhouse - ISW Faculty, ABCST Certified


Addictions Division – Wired for Intimacy: Sex, Cyberporn and the Male Brain

- Dr. Mark Laaser - ISW Faculty


Low Sex/No Sex Marriages: Effective Treatment for Inhibited Sexual Desire and Intimacy Challenges

- Dr. Clifford & Joyce Penner - ISW Faculty, ABCST Certified


The Colors of Intimacy: A Model for Enriching Marital Lovemaking

- Dr. Doug Rosenau - Sexual Wholeness Co-founder, ISW Faculty, ABCST Certified

- Dr. Debbie Neel - ISW Graduate, ABCST Certified

- Marilyn Harding - ISW Graduate


Women and Sex: Freeing Women to Embrace their Sexuality

- Dr. Clifford & Joyce Penner - ISW Faculty, ABCST Certified

Counseling Sexual Minority Youth

- Dr. Mark Yarhouse - ISW Faculty, ABCST Certified 


 Treating Sexual Desire and Arousal Issues with the Two-screen Method

- Drs Scott and Melissa Symington - ISW Graduates, ABCST Certified


 "Do You Wanna Make Love?" The Art of Initiation and Connection

- Dr. Michael Sytsma - Sexual Wholeness Co-founder, Executive Director, ABCST Certified

- Kristen Smith-Vaniz - ISW Graduate, ABCST Certified


 Husbands, Wives and Sexuality: The SICA Study

- Debra Taylor - Sexual Wholeness Co-founder, ABCST Certified

- David Hall - ISW Graduate

Trauma to Transformation: Post Traumatic Growth for Spouses who have been Betrayed by Infidelity

- Dr. Mark Laaser - ISW Faculty


Boomer Sex: Myth, Mystery or Magic?

- Dr. James Childerston - ISW Faculty, ABCST Certified

- Carolyn Childerston