Help. ABCST doesn't list a therapist near me.
What can I do?


1. Look for potential therapists:

  • Talk to other professionals and ask for a recommendation. We recommend you talk to your pastor and/or doctor.
  • Look in the Yellow Pages under Counselors, Licensed; Psychologists; and Marriage, Family and Individual Counselors.
  • Conduct a search on the Internet using different search engines. Use words such as Christian Sex Counselor, Christian Sex Therapist, Christian Counseling, etc.
  • Search through other therapy professional websites for a therapist in your area (see links below).

2. Once you find a possible therapist:

  • Call and interview them over the phone about their training and experience working with the sexual issue about which you are concerned. Also, tell them that you are interested in working with a therapist who will be supportive of your Christian beliefs. (Note: Dr. Sytsma has a list of questions you might want to consult in interviewing a therapist. Find the list here.)

3. Alternatively...

  • Explore traveling to an ABCST certified sex therapist for intensive therapy. Some of our certified therapists will schedule clients for concentrated therapy times that may extend over several days. This allows you to work with a certified Christian Sex Therapist who will evaluate your issues and develop a treatment plan to help you meet your goals. During these intensive sessions you may be asked to complete assignments that begin the process of sexual healing.
  • Visit the websites of ABCST therapists looking for workshops they offer that address the concerns you have.

4. Don't give up. Keep searching until you find someone who can help.