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Finding a therapist to help you with sexual issues but also respects a Biblical framework can be a difficult task. We believe our membership list is a good place to start. Individuals listed on the following page are active members of ABCST. Some have been trained by ISW, some have been trained elsewhere but all meet the respective membership requirements.

We invite you to use this list as a reference point in finding a sex therapist. We are still developing this list so if you cannot locate one in your area please see the "No therapist in my area" menu item on the left. When you have located a sex therapist in your area, please contact him/her to ask further questions to verify their training, experience, and beliefs. We believe we have some excellent counselors on this list.

Please read through the following agreement and click on the link at the bottom to see our list of members.




The American Board of Christian Sex Therapists ("ABCST") and Sexual Wholeness, Inc. ("Sexual Wholeness") do not examine, determine, or provide a warranty with respect to the competence of any counselor listed in the ABCST directory (the "Find a Therapist"). Counselors contained in this list are those who have met the training and experience standards required to be at the listed level of membership, and have submitted the required information. User agrees that User's use of this Directory to locate a counselor is wholly voluntary and the user further agrees that User's use of the Directory, a counselor listed in this Directory, or reliance on the advice or direction of a counselor in this  Directory shall not result in any liability against ABCST or Sexual Wholeness. With respect to all use of the Directory and the counselors listed herein, the user fully and voluntarily releases ABCST and Sexual Wholeness from any claim, demand or other legal action of any nature it has, had, or may have against ABCST or Sexual Wholeness related to the use of the Directory. In no event shall ABCST or Sexual Wholeness be liable for damages to any user of the Directory for the selection of any counselor, for the services provided by any listed counselor, or for any damages which may occur relating to the use of the Directory or counselor.

As used herein, ABCST and Sexual Wholeness shall be defined to include each party's directors, officers, employees, volunteers, members, and agents. ABCST and Sexual Wholeness cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in an individual therapist profile, nor the resulting services that may be provided by a listed counselor. All the information in the counselor profile is provided by the counselor who has affirmed that the statements are true and that the information provided is not false, misleading, or deceptive. Each licensed counselor listed has provided copies of current licenses and certification. However, ABCST and Sexual Wholeness cannot verify or warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the listed license or certification information. If interested, please check with the appropriate state regulatory body to confirm the currency and accuracy of all license information. By performing a Directory search for a counselor, User agrees that User understands and accepts the terms and conditions of the ABCST Directory outlined above.


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