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 "Cultivating Sexually Healthy Churches"


Within a sexually distorted culture and a Church which has not dealt comfortably with sexual issues, an inspiring chastity/fidelity, godly sexual intimacy and an individual sexual maturity is an imperative goal in the 21st century. What will be needed to cultivate these sexually healthy churches?

   A practical theology of sexuality based on Biblical truth that emphasizes God-reflective intimacy, chastity and covenant monogamy, a sexual wholeness within single sexuality, and the disciplines of intimacy including grace-filled forgiveness, a child-like expressiveness, and protecting the sacred

   Opportunity to understand and become obedient to God’s sexual economy (His family guidelines) and boundaries as we value, celebrate and protect our own sexuality and the sexuality of our Christian brothers and sisters

   Practical and accurate sexual information, celebrating healthy masculinity and femininity and the ensuing social and erotic intimacy

   Sexuality lived out in relationship and community with a 3-dimensional chastity (body, mind, spirit) and intentional accountability relationships around God’s guidelines

   A commitment to raising sexually whole children

   Nurturing the sexual wounded, encouraging hope, healing and restoration