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The CASE Model

This model will be based on training instructors and educators who can facilitate the CASE course curriculum in their communities using teaching videos with a participant’s workbook and small group discussion. Small groups, that engage participants through a workbook and discussion questions, will be crucial in applying lessons into the lives and attitudes of the participants. Instructors and educators will learn the course content through Boot Camps.

   Boot Camps: One and two-day training workshops designed to both equip with course content and experientially engage and personally empower church educators to facilitate and apply the course information effectively. Instructors and Educators will gain skills in selecting and training small group facilitators to facilitate discussion, with life-changing application of the content within small groups.


1.               Videos: a 30 minute video per lesson taught by the workshop expert; most CASE workshops will contain 6 lessons; each video is designed to teach workbook content and inspire small group dialogue and discussion. The videos are not for sale but must be earned by attending a Boot Camp.

2.                  Workbook: the heart of every CASE training; around 50-80 pages containing the course content and the critical discussion questions to apply the content in small groups, through classes, retreats or other settings

3.                  Leader’s Guide: a guidebook for training instructors and educators in answering questions around the content and in equipping small group facilitators to safely create group discussion on sexual topics.


Certification: given officially, with a copy of the course video, after completing the Boot Camp training; granting the instructor or educator to right to facilitate the video-based curriculum and purchase workbooks for that specific workshop.