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Welcome to the 

Christian Association of Sexual Educators

The Christian Association of Sexual Educators (CASE) desires to cultivate sexually healthy churches. As a training organization under Sexual Wholeness, CASE will equip and empower ministry leaders to become Instructors and Educators as they teach sexual workshops on a variety of topics within their church communities.

Sexual Course Instructors and Educators will gain their training through a CASE model of attending a Boot Camp where they will be equipped to take a video-based curriculum back into their church settings.

CASE will promote a Triple E objective in training Instructors and Educators. This Triple E emphasis will also be critical in applying this sexual truth within the church community.


Equip: Along with practical, Biblically-based sexual information, CASE courses will take at least half of the training time for a thorough and systematic preparation of the teacher to feel confident and comfortable with the material.


Engage: Experiential involvement as each educator learns to apply the information to his or her own life and attitudes---and catch the vision. Mature, sexually healthy, motivated people will make successful educators.


Empower: Instructors and Educators will be confidently commissioned to permeate all facets of their church with sexual health and preventive wholeness.   By creating sexual dialogue and education they can positively change their whole church culture.