Heroes and Warriors

"God's Heroes and Warriors: Becoming Men of Sexual Integrity and Influence"

Three key strategies develop the compass coordinates for guiding men into sexual integrity and influence. Each of the three directional strategies will be based on affirmation, information and application, as men experience that practical teaching they desire, founded in Scripture and Jesus, their true North. 

·      Strategy One: Accepting our Sexual Significance

o   Affirmation: You Are a Man of Significance with God-given Weight

o   Information: Good Attitudes Determine Good BehaviorsStart with God at the Center and Learn a Mature Sexual Language

o   Application: Fight Satans Sexual Distortions---Meet Nonsexual Needs Nonsexually and Find Godly Adventures

·      Strategy Two: Fighting for Sexual Integrity

o   Affirmation: Your Sex Drive Is Normal---Your High Sex Drive Can Be a Catalyst for Intimacy

o   Information: Your Body Is God’s Temple---Your Body and Sex Drive Belong to God with Masturbation a Heart Decision

o   Application: Sexual Integrity Takes Daily Choices—Discipline Eyes and Thoughts, and Cultivate Those Integrity Brothers

·      Strategy Three: Growing into Sexual Influence.

o   Affirmation: You Are a Sexual “Knight”—Protect and Mentor Others

o   Information: Women Are 3-Dimensional---Don’t Objectify but Put a Mind with Emotions and a Heart with Their Bodies

o   Application: Experience Won’t Make You a Lover---Pursue True Sexual Wisdom and Let God Redeem and Transform Your Past