Dance of the Sexes


"Dance of the Sexes: Celebrating the Soul in Single Sexuality”

Six innovative topics, the big questions for singles, develop the concept that singles can be whole sexually. These questions explore God’s amazing sexual economy and help single adults go beyond banning behaviors to cultivating healthy sexual attitudes that value, celebrate and protect each other’s sexuality. This course develops the concept of Soul (total person with body, mind and spirit) Sexy masculinity and femininity---and soul virginity with 3-D chastity. Singles can revel in the beautiful, complementary Dance of the Sexes with God revealing Himself through Social and Erotic sexual expression. The big questions will also unfold Scriptural teaching on huge dilemmas for singles with the topics of sexual desire, masturbation, sexual boundaries and forgiveness for sexual mistakes thoughtfully developed, starting with that crucial relationship with Jesus and building the right heart attitudes with a deeper understanding God’s life-giving principles.

1.  What Does a Soul Sexy Man or Woman Look Like in the Dance of the Sexes?

2.  How Can I be Single and Sexual?

3.  Why Become a Soul Virgin?---Stewarding Our Heart Attitudes.

4.  What Do I Do with Horny?  What about Masturbation?

5.  What Do I Do with My Sexual Mistakes?

6.  How Far Can I Go?  Where Do I Go from Here?