Covenant Lovers

"Covenant Lovers: God's Plan for A Celebration of Sex" In a practical, engaging and informative way, this workshop will expound on six crucial areas for cultivating deeper sexual intimacy in marriage. Based on the book, A Celebration of Sex, couples will learn to:

  • Apply God-reflective sexuality (creatively intimate, mysteriously beautiful, passionately present, intentionally holy) to enrich their lovemaking as they rest secure and launch out from their incredible Covenant of Marriage.
  • Incorporate effective sexual communication skills that can enhance a love life with better initiating and declining interactions, instill the ability to coach successfully, sort through the complexity of dealing with the past, and stir up passion by creating dialogue before, during and after lovemaking.
  • Understand and integrate a healthy understanding of masculinity and femininity, while they make the most of those gender differences. Husbands and wives can learn how to apply the accelerators and avoid the brakes to a great sex life.
  • Explore the importance of anatomy and those crucial erogenous zones with an understanding of sexual arousal. God gave Covenant lovers many natural aphrodisiacs they can utilize to expand their love life.
  • Utilize a color-coded model for deepening total intimacy in their marriage, from the bonding Green exercises of intimate companions, to the coupling purple exercises of sensuous lovers, and the igniting Orange exercises of erotic playmates.