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"Covenant Lovers: God's Plan for A Celebration of Sex"

God placed lovers in the amazing, stretching covenant of marriage. Fantastic marital lovemaking is built on the foundation of God-reflective sexuality, effective communication skills, a healthy understanding of masculine and feminine gender differences, and three key colors of total intimacy.

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"Dance of the Sexes: Celebrating the Soul in Single Sexuality"

"Singles are sexually whole" as they demonstrate a different but equally important aspect of God's sexual plan: enjoying masculinity and femininity created in His image, celebrating the fun interaction and complementarity of men and women, valuing a 3-dimensional (body, mind, spirit) social and erotic sexuality.

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"God's Heroes and Warriors: Becoming Men of Sexual Integrity and Influence"

Three critical Strategies help men: Accept Their Sexual Significance, Fight for Sexual Integrity and Grow into Sexual Influence. Godly men find their true masculinity, enjoy and discipline sexual desire, fight Satan’s sexual distortions, "knight up" for the women in their lives as they follow Jesus, their True North and God’s sexual strategies.

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