ABCST Levels of Membership

ABCST offers three levels of membership:

1. Clinical Member

Licensed counseling professional who has completed the academic, supervision and experience requirements and is a certified sex therapist.
Click Here for Certification Requirements.

2. Associate Member

Professional Associate
Licensed counseling professional who has taken at least 3 courses in sex therapy (including Intro 6512 and Intermediate 7432 or their equivalents), is working with sex therapy clients with supervision from a certified sex therapist, and is pursuing sex therapy certification.

Graduate Associate
Masters level therapist pursuing state licensure. Has completed the academic requirements for certification in sex therapy and a minimum of 50 hrs. of face-to-face counseling sessions with sex therapy clients while completing 15 hrs. of sex therapy supervision with a certified sex therapist. While completing sex therapist certification requirements, s/he is supervised by a certified sex therapist.

3. Student Member

For those who wish to become members of ABCST but do not meet requirements for certification. Student members must have a bachelors degree and verify they are pursuing training that will meet the certification requirements.

For additional information check the Application for Membership or the Certification Application.