ABCST Membership Renewal

Thank you for being a member of ABCST.

This page is provided as a place for you to renew your membership. Membership runs calendar year (March - February) and can be renewed by March 1 of every year.

To renew please complete the following.

NOTE: By submitting renewal, you confirm that you are still in agreement with the Sexual Wholeness Statement of Faith.

1. Complete the attached form and email it to m.reynolds (at)*

 Renewal form located here

2. Scan your current license and email it with the form.*


*You may also print and mail them along with a check to our primary address.




Student Membership

This level is for those who are currently pursuing training as a sex therapist.

Graduate Associate

Members at this level are counselors pursuing state licensure. They have completed the academic requirements for certification in sex therapy (6512, 6522, 7532, 7542, and at least one advanced course) and a minimum of 50 hrs. of face-to-face counseling sessions with sex therapy clients while completing 15 hrs. of sex therapy supervision with a certified sex therapist. While completing sex therapist certification requirements, s/he is supervised by a certified sex therapist. 

Professional Associate

Members at this level are fully licensed in a counseling profession in their state.  They have taken at least 3 courses in sex therapy (including Intro 6512 and Intermediate 7432), are working with sex therapy clients under supervision from a certified sex therapist, and are pursuing sex therapy certification

Clinical Membership

For those certified as sex therapists by ABCST.