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What are the requirements for membership in ABCST?

Membership requirements are listed here.


Do I need to be an Institute for Sexual Wholeness student to become a student member of ABCST?

No. You must be in training to be a sex therapist to be a student member but your training can be with any program.


What are the requirements for being certified as a sex therapist by ABCST?

We recommend you download the certification application for the most detailed requirement list.


Do I need to receive my training from the Institute for Sexual Wholeness to become certified by ABCST?

No. You simply need to document you have met the hours and topics required by the application. Training must be with a credible organization or qualified trainer.


Where do I find a supervisor?

ABCST does not have a list of approved supervisors. It is up to the individual applying to locate a supervisor.

Currently, the ABCST certification committee is accepting supervision from anyone certified as a sex therapist by AASECT or ABCST. ABS diplomats would also be accepted.* If you are not able to locate someone who is certified as a sex therapist in your area, you have two choices:

  1. Contract with someone who is not in your area for supervision. Many ABCST certified therapists provide group supervision in a block format. A few also provide phone or Skype supervision.
  2. Appeal to the certification committee to have someone who is not certified approved as a temporary supervisor. To do this, you will need to send a formal request to ABCST that includes the following:
    • A letter from you requesting a specific individual be approved to provide you x number of hours of sex therapy supervision. (NOTE: It is highly unlikely that an uncertified individual will be approved for the bulk of your required hours but it is possible they will be approved for a portion of them.)
    • The proposed supervisor's Curriculum Vitae showing they have received specific training and have expertise in sex therapy.
    • A letter from the proposed supervisor stating their willingness to provide this supervision and specifically stating their training/supervision/experience and other items that should be considered.
    • The ABCST Certification Committee will discuss your proposal and inform you of their decision. Complete this process before contracting with anyone to provide supervision.

    *Note: ABCST currently accepts 10 hours of supervision from therapists who are certified as Sexual Addictions Specialists when they are supervising for sexual addiction and compulsivity.


Should you have further questions about this process, please contact us.