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10.13.2017 - 10.15.2017


10.20.2017 - 10.22.2017


11.03.2017 - 11.05.2017

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ISW Registration


Institute for Sexual Wholeness courses are offered through Richmont Graduate University*(RGU) in Atlanta, Georgia. Credit for courses will be issued by Richmont. Students who wish to take classes through ISW must apply and be accepted to Richmont as non-degree students. Students are required to abide by all Richmont procedures and deadlines.


NEW STUDENTS - Click here for directions.

The web page will walk you through the three steps to register for the ISW program.


CURRENT STUDENTS - Click here for directions.

You will be linked to the current course registration form.


Students who took the intro class somewhere other than Richmont

If you took the ISW introductory course at a school other than RGU (it MUST be an official ISW intro class - additional information here), you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Register with RGU using their online form.
  2. Transfer your ISW course to RGU using this form.

If you have questions, please contact us or the Director of Records at Richmont (Registrar).