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Dr Michael Sytsma


Michael Sytsma, Ph.D., is a Licensed Professional Counselor near Atlanta, Georgia. He is also an ordained Wesleyan minister, having served on pastoral staff for several years. He is President of Building Intimate Marriages, Inc.where he provides marriage and sex therapy and conducts marriage enrichment workshops and retreats throughout the United States. Michael's AAMFT approved Ph.D. focused on marital sexual therapy, especially sexual desire issues. He teaches Human Sexuality at several schools including Richmont Graduate University, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Asbury Theological Seminary.

Courses Taught

  • 6512 - Human Sexuality
  • 6522 - Basic Issues
  • 7532 - Dysfunctional, Compulsive/Addictive and Paraphillic Sexuality
  • 7542 - Sexuality: Medical Issues, Trauma and Abuse, Special Populations
  • 7582 - Advanced Sexual Addiction Counseling

Dr. Sytsma also teaches the ISW Introductory course at Asbury Theological Seminary each year and in various other seminaries and graduate schools.

To learn more about Dr. Sytsma

Dr. Sytsma works full time for Building Intimate Mariages, Inc. in NorthEast Atlanta. You can read more about his work and contact him through the Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. Website.