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About ISW Courses

Our Courses

We are currently offering four core courses and four specialization courses.

Each course is 2 graduate semester hours (30 class hours plus reading and assignments). ISW teaches the intro course in Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi and Texas (learn more). All other courses are taught as weekend courses at the RGU campus in Atlanta, Georgia. While not all advanced courses are taught regularly, it is possible to complete the entire program in just over one year.

Note: Completion of this program fulfills educational requirements for Certification as a Sex Therapist by the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists. See the ABCST web pages for more information. Students have also used these courses to be certified/licensed in sex therapy by other organizations.


> Core Courses

Introductory Course

This introductory course is required for all students. A bachelors degree and successful application to RGU is required for registration.

Human Sexuality: A Therapeutic Integration (CED 6512) *

This course provides a basic introduction to counseling for sexual issues. Students are introduced to a theology of sexuality, a basic model of addressing sexual issues in counseling, basics of sexual biology and psychology, sexual development, sexual dysfunction, and basic intervention techniques for sexual problems. Students are also challenged in their own growth and development in this area.
• This course is taught every spring and fall.


Intermediate Courses

Registration for these courses requires completion of the above basic course.

1.  Basic Issues in Sex Therapy (CED 6522)

Designed for the student pursuing the field of sex therapy, this course focuses on the profession of sex therapy exploring historical, ethical, cultural, and research issues and theoretical distinctives in the field. Students also explore sex therapy with specific populations. • This course is taught each spring of even years (2006, 2008, etc.).

2.  Sexuality: Medical Issues, Trauma and Abuse, Special Populations (CED 7542)

This course covers the two main subject areas of advanced physiological issues (primarily hormones and medications) and counseling for sexual trauma and abuse. Students explore current theories and research in these subject areas as well as continuing to develop their theory of sexuality in these subject areas. Special attention is also given to exploring the problem of pain and self care of the therapist when working with trauma. • This course is taught each spring of odd years (2005, 2007, etc.).

3.  Dysfunctional, Compulsive/Addictive and Paraphillic Sexuality (CED 7532)

This intermediate course teaches students classical and current theories and techniques in sexual dysfunction, sexual addiction and compulsivity and paraphilias. • This course is taught every summer.


> Specialization Courses

Specialization courses complete the training allowing students to focus in on the counseling area of their choice. These courses are taught by recognized leaders in the specialization area. Students may pick the advanced course of their choice. Your choice of specialization is reflected in your certificate of completion.

1.  Advanced Sex Therapy (CED 7552)

Taught by Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner, this advanced course takes an in-depth look at treatment for sexual dysfunction. Areas of primary focus include the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions specific to desire, pain, arousal, and orgasm.
This course is currently taught fall of odd years.

2.  Advanced Sexual Addiction Counseling (CED 7582)

Taught by Dr. Mark Laaser, Dr. Michael Sytsma, and team, CED 7582 takes an in-depth and advanced look at current theories and treatment approaches to addressing sexual addiction. Students will explore the diagnosis, etiology, disease process, treatment, recovery process, and current research findings for sexual addictions in males and females.

This course is currently taught fall of even years.

Click here for more information about this course.

3.  Homosexuality and Sexual Identity (CED 7592)

Taught by Dr. Mark Yarhouse and team, students in CED 7592 examine the myriad of issues involved in providing therapy to clients who experience same-sex attraction. Based on Biblical principles, sound clinical theory, and empirical research, this course provides critical training to anyone seeking to provide care to this population. This course is taught fall of even years.

4.  Sexual Trauma & Abuse (CED 7572)

This specialization course is taught by ISW therapists and team and takes an in-depth look at sex therapy treatment for those who have experienced sexual trauma and abuse. Students will be exposed to current thinking in treatment for those with a history of sexual trauma and abuse. Special emphasis will also be placed on addressing spouses and other relational impact of sexual trauma and abuse.

This course is currently taught fall of odd years.


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*These two courses (CED 6512 and CED 7582) are part of the Sexual Addictions Specialist track.