About Sexual Wholeness

Sexual Wholeness is led by a team of Christian Sex Therapists whose goal is to encourage others to join us in seeking and promoting Biblical intimacy and sexual wholeness. The heart of our organization is the training that is offered to the professional counselor and ministry leaders.

We seek to accomplish our mission through four ministry areas you can read more about on this website:

    Institute for Sexual Wholeness: Training professional counselors and therapists to become sex therapists from a Biblical perspective.

    American Board of Christian Sex Therapists: Certifying and networking sex therapists wo provide counseling from a Biblical perspective.

    Christian Association for Sexual Educators: Training sexual educators to provide quality Christian sexual education in the Church.

    Sexual Wholeness Resources: Networking, promoting, and producing material that supports our overall mission.

Sexual Wholeness, Inc. is established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We survive in part due to the generous financial support of many who believe in what we do. We are here to serve.